Pro Bono Education Advocacy Offer

Hi everyone,

As you many of you, I became a paralegal this year so that I could provide support to parents of children with needs in their interaction with school boards. I have decided to do some probono (free)work in this area. With the limitation that it can’t involve my school board, the HWCDSB in Hamilton, which I love working for, if you, or someone you know could benefit from a conversation or relationship with a person like me, use this email to contact me.

There is a limited number of parents I can support in this way but I’ll do my best to give help if possible.


The following in is support of material for my three part webinar series. I copy of this material with active links will be up in a few days.

In the meanwhile most of the material can be can be found at

Negotiating the maze…

The IPRC webinar series these notes unpin is found at

Class is in Session..

Preparing for the IPRC – Process

Understanding the rules: The case of Emily

1. I am going to, hopefully, lead you to an understanding of the rules and regulations that how we advocate for support with children with education related to disorders such as autism spectrum disorder.

2. The purpose of this section will be to show you how the system can work. In a sense, you will learn about “tools” that you can use. What remains to be explored later on is exactly how you should use a given tool and, if so, when and where to use it.

See page for rest of material…