100 Nights of Advocacy – Night 3

Sorry for the delay….
In my work as a Resource Teacher, I have found that one way to help some students understand more complicated math equations is to start with simple numbers that have self evident solutions that students can solve by common sense like 2×2=4. Once the learner understands the dynamic of the equation, we can use more difficult numbers.
For many…. 4208(47.5+92.8)  

Is daunting.


Less so.
 (The answer to the last one is 8. As for the harder one.. you’re on your own) 
In a sense, this process follows the Applied Behaviour Analysis principle of shaping behaviour from the sample to the complex. It’s how we learn to swim and read and drive… and it’s a good way to learn advocacy.

That being said, the best way I know to help you understand the labyrinth of the Ontario special education regulatory scheme is to initially refrain from addressing issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

ASD is, in a word, “complicated.” The diagnosis shifts over time and has many facets and related conditions. In short, it has many moving parts…