100 Nights of Advocacy Update

I have made 6 posts thus far. The posts are linear, build on each other and support the three webinars on IPRCs.

The first approximately 30 posts will focus on events prior to the IPRC, the next third look at the meeting itself and the last third about Advocacy style.

I am adjusting and expanding posts based on your responses to the material.

I will post the test posted this far in one piece at intervals as we progress.

Eventually this will form a one price publication or book.

Give me feedback. It helps me a great deal.

3 thoughts on “100 Nights of Advocacy Update

  1. What about cases where a child has been identified in one way (e.g. Communication: Autism), but should be identified in two areas (Communication and Behaviour) and the school is blocking/denying/evading?


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