100 Nights of Advocacy – Night 9

The future of President Trump could be greatly affected by one important contemporaneous note.  Imagine the impact making your own contemporaneous notes could have on your life.

Effective Practices – Start and use a School Log/Contemporaneous Record.  
A contemporaneous note is a note you write at or immediately after a conversation/meeting.
There is no one right way to do them but I would suggest the following.
As with any interaction with the school related to your child’s needs, consider recording the key events related to the school and your child on paper. Use a bound note book. Print or hand write, write objective statements. Use statements that are positive and convey a patient, positive but focussed attitude on your part. Be sure to date the entry.
I tend to make rough notes during the meeting then immediately after the interaction create the note.
Though such notation is useful legally, it’s also a really good way to operate. Memories are fragile and making a physical record of interactions is just smart.
Sample Entry (to be written or printed)
October 15. Spoke to Ms. Patel. I asked for an IPRC. Ms. Patal suggested that an IPRC was not needed at this time. I replied that the school was offering needed support for Emily and I wished to have an IPRC to formalize Emily’s status. I said I would send a note to the principal.

Trump and good notes…

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