100 Night of Advocacy – Night 10

The ability for a parent/ guardian to request am IPRC is found in Regulation 181/98, Subsection 14.1 , D3.
14. (1) The principal of the school at which a pupil is enrolled,

(a) may on written notice to a parent of the pupil; and

(b) shall at the written request of a parent of the pupil,

refer the pupil to a committee established by the board, for a decision as to whether the pupil should be identified as an exceptional pupil and, if so, what the placement of the pupil should be. O. Reg. 181/98, s. 14 (1).

This right is also found in most School Board Guide to Special Education Programs and Services as mandated by the Ministry of Education. This guide will be likely located somewhere on your Board’s website and is generally found when using Google and searching Parents Guide to Special Education Programs and Services along with your Board’s name.  

The guide for the Toronto District School Board is typical.

Very few IPRCs are requested by parents. When a parent does request an IPRC it signals a parent who is aware of their rights and is being proactive. Boards have no ability not to hold the meeting. The decisions an IPRC are another issue that we will discuss later.
Take note that the request must be in writing to the Principal.
Talk some time and find your boards guide on their website and where it states the above.

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