100 Nights of Advocacy – Night 11

Emily’s mom ask for an IPRC in writing…

This request could feel unusual to school staff because, for many schools, this is not a “normal practice.” It is possible that the request will be initially misunderstood and even refused. We will look at how to assert this right in a positive yet assertive fashion shortly.
Emily’s mother also noted in her letter that Emily’s father was also visually impaired and required materials in Braille to participate.  
 The School Board has an specific obligation to materials in accommodated formats based the needs as participants who are entitled to materials.

 A person or body is required by this Regulation to communicate in writing to a parent or pupil shall, at the request of the parent or pupil, use a braille, large print or audio-cassette format for the communication. O. Reg. 181/98, s.4,

A week or so later, Emily’s mom received a call from Ms. Patel telling her the school was planning an IPRC for Emily for early November, about four weeks away.


One thought on “100 Nights of Advocacy – Night 11

  1. I’ve heard from several parents that schools have flat out told them IPRCs aren’t done until Grade 1. I suppose I should be shocked but sadly am not. We’ve been in two schools (same board) so far, and have had wonderful support. But, it seems like we’re an anomaly – not the norm


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