Negotiating the Maze- Part 6

It would be rare that a child like Emily would be denied access to a school and/or at least some level of programs and services. However, schools could conceivably respond in a variety of less productive ways including:
 Providing for no support.
 Providing a limited support.
 Allowing for unsafe situations to occur.
 Denying entry/registration until some future meeting.
 Denying entry into the school 
We will explore strategies based on regulations and law to encourage schools to comply with their obligations later on.

 Two weeks later.


Emily’s mother, though pleased with the support and engagement from the school asks Ms. Patel, the Resource Teacher, if they could identify Emily through through a Individual Placement  and Review  Committee. (IPRC).

 Possible Responses

 The School promptly begins to schedule and I PRC.
 The special education teacher/principal/other staff respond with some combination of the following…
 They do not IPRC children until grade ?
 They do not IPRC children unless they are to be moved into a special ed class/get educational assistant support/etc…
 They can provide the child with appropriate support without having an IPRC.

 To Identify Or Not Identify…   This article explores the identification question in the ASD context.  Spoiler alert.   There is no question.

 Let’s’ assume that the school was in someway reticent to schedule an IPRC.

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