Planning advocacy workshops

I beginning to plan to hold a series of Advocacy workshops across Ontario. I’m imagining an intensive workshop that really focusses on practical take away skills.

I would appreciate any thoughts regarding topic areas to cover, venues, locations, towns to cover, people I should talk too, etc…

I’m also looking for any comments if my workshops have been helpful to you.

I am looking to Sept 2019 to begin.

Ed Mahony

One thought on “Planning advocacy workshops

  1. Hello,

    I have a child with special needs.

    I dont know if we are getting the IEP we need. We send emails that sometimes get no response to. Teacher talks about my child’s challenges infront of other parents I email principle and get no reply or request changes to the IEP and get no feedback.

    My daughter has ASD and then had a concussion. She now has ADHD like symptoms. They wouldnt even let doctors in to observe. They operate like the Vatican in there total secrecy. She is getting support but we get limited feedback when we have concerns. She gets recesses taken away and we aren’t even notified. We ask that the EA not tell her that they are HER ea and theres no confirmation if anything will be or will not be done. Our friends are in public schools and our daughter is in a catholic school. I feel like they are helping in their way that they see fit and want us minimally involved but I need to know when and why my daughter is being punished.

    What kind of services do you offer in regards of my problem?



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