Reference materials for upcoming workshop.

List of Materials Referenced in the Workshop

I have posted this material to support an educational advocacy workshop next week. If you feel like diving into the rabbit hole that is Ed advocacy feel free.

Do I have to stress that this information is in no way be construed as legal advice, is meant for Educational purposes only and that if you require legal advice to consult a certified lawyer or paralegal?

Probably a good idea.

Right to enrol student in school.

30. 9. (1) In accordance with requirements under the Education Act, no pupil is to be denied

an education program pending a meeting or decision under this Regulation. O. Reg.

181/98, s. 9 (1).


1) In accordance with requirements under the Education Act, no pupil is to be denied

an education program pending a meeting or decision under this Regulation. O. Reg.

181/98, s. 9 (1).

A person has the right, without payment of a fee, to attend a school in a

school section, separate school zone or secondary school district, as the case

may be, in which the person is qualified to be a resident pupil. 1997, c. 31, s. 13.

Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. E.2

Under the Code, education providers in both the publicly funded system and in private

schools have a legal duty to accommodate students with disabilities up to the point of undue


Accessible education for students with disabilities, OHRC, section 9

IPRC Request Letter

Sample IPRC request letter.

Below you will find a sample IPRC request letter. This letter is sent to the principal directly. It is a good practice to bring the letter in yourself but you must remember to remain positive in your interactions. I suggest a paper copy be given , though an email copy could also be sent. If this is not an initial IPRC make any changes appropriate. The letter is brief and to the point. Be sure to individualize the template and make it yours.

The Principal

Name of School

Address of School


Dear Mr. or Ms (Name of Principal)

Re: (Name of Child) (Date of Birth)

The purpose of this letter is to request that you refer my daughter/son to the school board’s Identification, Placement and Review Committee for the purpose of identifying her/him as an exceptional child and of determining the most enabling educational placement with appropriate programs and services for her/him.

Thank you for processing this request promptly. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

(your name)

Principal’s responsibilities upon receiving IPRC request.

14. (1) The principal of the school at which a pupil is enrolled,

(a) may on written notice to a parent of the pupil; and

(b) shall at the written request of a parent of the pupil, refer the pupil to a committee established by the board, for a decision as to whether the pupil should be identified as an exceptional pupil and, if so, what the placement of the pupil should be. O. Reg. 181/98, s. 14 (1).


under Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. E.2

Parent’s Guide to Special Education Programs and Services

This right is also found in most School Board Guide to Special Education programs and Services

as mandated by the Ministry of Education. This guide will be likely located somewhere on your

Board’s website and is generally found when using Google and searching Parents Guide to

Special Education Programs and Services along with your boards name.

The Toronto District School Board is the largest Board in the province and has a wonderful

website. ‘

–A Guide to Preventing and Resolving Conflicts for Students with Special Education Needs –


Appeal and Hearing Process

If the principal does not respond to your request or refuses to hold the IPRC you can request a hearing by the Special Education Appeal Board.

Sample letter that could be sent to the (Secretary) Director requesting a Special Education Appeal Board be convened.

Secretary of the School Board

Name of the School Board Address

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that we request a Special,Education Appeal Board to constituted regarding our son, Mario Smith. Our request is based on advice from the Special Education Tribunal to take this action when substantially frustration in efforts to have a IPRC for our child. (Ontario Special Education Tribunals, Appeal and Hearing Process ( We have formally requested an IPRC as required in legislation three times over a one month period (dates ). I have attached the letters. In

response to our attempts….

We are concerned regarding this situation in that our ability to have an IPRC at our request is ensured in O. Reg. 181/98, s. 14 (1) .

Thank you for your prompt attention to the matter. We are confident that your involvement will make any efforts to ensure an IPRC through further appeals unnecessary. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely.

(your name)) Chair of the School Board Regional Office of the Ministry of Education


Right to view/obtain copies of documents in OSR.

The Ontario Student Record (OSR)


Heads up later to Principal regarding upcoming IPRC.

Ms. Smith

Thank you for the getting back to me with the details for the upcoming IPRC. I would also like to thank Ms. Jones for finding the time to review Emily’s IPRC with me.

I thought I would write you a note so that we are on the same page regarding my daughter’s upcoming IPRC. My understanding of the IPRC is the product of research into the IPRC as it is described in Regulation 181/98 of the Ontario Education Act.

First, I plan to consult with you to develop the needs list that captures

my child’s needs based on empirical evidence (Medical Reports,

Psychological Assessment information, report cards, etc…). I plan to

advocate for language with sufficient clarity to capture my child’s needs.

O. Reg. 181/98, s. 5 (1). , O. Reg. 181/98, s. 9 (2). , O. Reg. 181/98, s. 17


I also plan to request that we discuss proposals for programs and services

my child requires to accommodate and meet his needs as described on the

needs list. Though I am aware that discussions about programs and

services are often held at IEP development meetings, the need to discuss

programs and services at an IPRC at the request of parents is noted in

181/98. O. Reg. 181/98, s. 16 (1).

I understand a program as including “a plan containing specific objectives and an outline of educational services that” will Emily’s needs and services to mean “facilities and resources, including support personnel and equipment, necessary for developing and implementing a special education program.”

Ontario Education Act, R.S.O.. 1990, c. E.2

In order to have a meaningful IPRC that addresses these concerns, I am

making myself available for a meeting of at least 45 minutes in length.

I must stress that to a great extent our discussion of my child’s needs

and of programs and services will be merely an acknowledgement and

celebration of the good work that school staff do with my son/daughter.

I am mindful that my requests, though mandated by regulation and

substantially listed in our School Board’s Guide to special education,

might not fit with how traditionally IPRCs are carried out in our board.

If you have any questions and/or want to discuss my thoughts please

contact me.

To Identify or not to Identify….$file/To+identify+or+not+to+identify.pdf

Policy/Program Memorandum No. 140

Date of Issue:: May 17, 2007

Effective: Until revoked or modified


Positive Advocacy Strategies: The Identification Placement Review Committee Process – Ed Mahony

IPRC Webinars with PowerPoint- 3 parts.

Suspension- What You Need to Know

Negotiating the Maze$file/Negotiating+the+Maze+EN.pdf

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