Heads up letter to school about having a Meaningful IPRC

This is a template for a letter giving a heads up to schools about what is wanted at an IPRC.
Letter to School setting out desires for a meaningful IPRC.
Thank you for the getting back to me with the details for the upcoming IPRC.

I thought I would write you a note so that we are on the same page regarding my son’s /daughter’s upcoming IPRC. My understanding of the IPRC is the product of research into the iPRC as it is described in BIll 181/98 of the Ontario Education Act.
First, I plan to consult with you to develop the needs list that captures my child’s needs based on empirical evidence (Medical Reports, Psychological Assessment information, report cards, etc…). I plan to advocate for language with sufficient clarity to capture my child’s needs.
I also plan to request that we discuss programs and services my child requires to accommodate and meet his needs as described on the needs list. Though I am aware that discussions about programs and services are often held at IEP development meetings, the need to discuss programs and services at an IPRC at the request of parents is noted in section 181/98 of the Education Act.
In order to have a meaningful IPRC that addresses these concerns, I am making myself available for a meeting of at least 30 minutes in length.
I must stress that to a great extent our discussion of my child’s needs and of programs and services will be merely an acknowledgement and celebration of the good work that school staff do with my son/daughter.
I am mindful that my requests, though mandated by regulation and substantially listed in our school board’sguide to special education, might not fit with how traditionally iPRCs are carried out in our board. If you have any questions and/or want to discuss my thoughts please contact me.
Mindful Parent

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One thought on “Heads up letter to school about having a Meaningful IPRC

  1. Where else can I get the IEP training?? They cancelled in Sault. ???? I am willing to travel. Do you have a training schedule for 2019-2020 ???


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